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bulletFanelli Amusement Company provides carnival  rides, game concessions, food concessions, and entertainment for all ages.

bulletWe provide our services as a fund raising vehicle, primarily for non-profit organizations.

bulletFanelli Amusements provides a large assortment of carnival amusement rides, game concessions, food concessions for groups of all ages.
bulletOur amusement rides scale from kiddie rides for young children, to the major family rides for the intermediate adventurer, to the spectacular rides for the dare devils.

bulletOur game concessions are geared towards young children and families.  Most games are games of skills. 
bulletOur food concessions offer all the classical carnival foods, ranging from cotton candy to caramel to fried bread dough

bulletOur amusement rides go through a daily inspection report.  We are registered and fully insured in each state we operate in.  

Safety inspections are performed daily.   Safety is our highest priority!

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